Elizabeth Radcliffe
18.09.2022 - 29.10.2022

Céline is proud to present a rare solo exhibition by Edinburgh based Artist and Weaver, Elizabeth Radcliffe. 

Trained in a classical method of weaving by hand on the loom, Radcliffe’s passion for the medium was ignited as a young woman when she worked at The Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh screenprinting “cartoons” for the team of professional weavers.  Inspired by the work of her colleagues, Radcliffe took evening classes at the studio after work to cultivate the skills that would feed a lifelong passion.  Elizabeth later left Dovecot to enrol at Edinburgh College of Art where her technique developed in tandem with a distinct visual language that exploits the inherently graphic quality of the medium to create reduced images possessive of an almost sculptural flair.  This vocabulary can still be distinguished over 40 years later in works that orbit consistent themes where the combined textures of figuration, textiles, costume and animal print re-occur as meditations on family, friends and the means by which such materials become mementos that described the strength of such intimacies.

The time consuming nature of manufacturing tapestry means that solo-shows by weavers are a rare occurrence. Radcliffe has been kind enough to lend Céline a range of works that survey her output over a considerable timespan for which we are immensely grateful and that we take great pleasure in inviting you to survey.

The Gallery would also like to offer special thanks to Becca Lipscombe for her support, enthusiasm and guidance in the realisation of this exhibition.