Jack Cheetham
16.03.20 - 15.03.20

Celine is excited to present cview, by Jack Cheetham.

cview examines potential and on-going failures of its creator through the reimagining of certain consumer-driven fantasised moments. It is rooted in contemplations around consumer cultures, labours and legacies. It also incorporates expanded forms of caricature, primarily based on Cheetham himself, as a potential mode of personifying, exhausting and evaporating the effects that objects and materials can have on people over time.

This project is supported by the National Lottery, Creative Scotland & Glasgow City Council. We would like to thank Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for facilitating Jack in the early research and developmental stages of this project. Also, we would like to make a special thank you to McNiell’s Bar and Torrisdale Studios.

Jack Cheetham is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Show Preview: 2pm-5pm on Sunday 15th March 2020
Show open from 16th March-15th April 2020