soft tissue tape launch
Sunday, 19.01.2020

Celine and soft tissue present an evening of sound performances with Elina Bry & Mark Vernon, Nakul Krishnamurthy and soft tissue. The event launches the debut release of soft tissue on the London-based label Penultimate Press.

Doors at 6pm, performances start at 6.30pm.

Mark Vernon and Elina Bry present Prelude: Opera of the Body, an introduction to their shared uncanniness. Communication of a stomach ache. Discovering a new collaboration, a new body, a new medium. Who knows?

soft tissue is a collaboration between Glasgow-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins, synthesising recordings from everyday life with experiments in analogue and digital feedback. In their performances, soft tissue play within networks of micro amplifications, blurring boundaries between initiated and environmental sounds.

Nakul Krishnamurthy is an Indian composer and artist who is based in Glasgow, UK. In his work, he experiments with the structural foundations of Carnatic music and reconfigures them, thereby examining its boundaries and generating new interpretations of the art form. His work is an intersection of Indian classical music, procedural composition and experimentation derived from contemporary Western art music sensibilities, and electronic music.