Camara Taylor & Sulaïman Majali
something vague and irrational
12.01.19 - 08.02.19
retreat, is an ongoing collaborative endeavour between Sulaïman Majali and Camara Taylor that thinks around strategic isolation, separatist states, capacities or lack thereof. Within retreat, both are thinking and questioning the fallout and reverberations through time of ongoing catastrophe(s). Concerned with the implicit failings of research, praxis and (a lack of) practice; retreat floats amidst the outlines of absences; which become trace, gesture and evidence of that which has been expelled, or refuses to be held in the archive. Using a methodology of divergence and employing fiction as apparatus, the project reinscribes on much chartered territories, to negotiate the ramifications.

Majali and Taylor’s respective practices hold shared interests in, and desire for developing recalcitrant strategies, as a means of approaching/reproaching subject, system andpower. poetics of relation – the right to opacity – a history of misrecognitions – visibility as trap. They are working of and towards methods of refusal and withdrawal, stemming from a desire to retreat from particular ways of working and being, or making public. The works also stems from frustration, fatigue and cognitive dissonances. something vague and irrational illustrates and/or points to the feelings (as facts), frustrations and propositions that initiated collaboration.

Sulaïman Majali (b.1991) is an artist, writer and impostor.

Camara Taylor (b.1627) is an amorphous blob.