Lucy Duncombe
Jack Wansbrough
Timothea Armour
Interspecies Talks
Celine and Ideal Mexico present an evening of talks with Lucy Duncombe, Jack Wansbrough and Timothea Armour.
The evening will be also the last day to see our current exhibition; The Yips with works from Titania Seidl, Céline Struger and Lukas Thaler.
Timothea Armour will speak about The Neighbours are Bats, a project using bat detector recordings to imagine a band with five common British bat species as its members. The talk will look at cohabiting with wildlife – specifically bats in urban spaces – and the role of technology in our encounters with ‘nature’.
Jack Wansbrough will present some of the research towards Wet Courage, a pop tape about 1960s and 1970s cetology, released by Glarc in November. Using archive recordings, the talk will touch on representation of dolphins and whales, interspecies communication and metamorphosis.
Lucy Duncombe will present a somewhat poetic review of inter/intraspecies communication between human vocalists and human-made machines. It looks at examples of technologies (*voice changers and vocoding, voice cloning, Amazon Echo, vocal biometrics), that enable the capture and analysis of the voice, altering the ways we ‘read’ our utterances. The contents of the talk is research material of a kind for a new musical work being developed with William Aikman called A Snapshot To Fix U 4-Eva.