Aniara Omann

A hybrid is per definition a merged version of two, or more, individual entities. This merged version exists on its own as a new individual, holding within it the definitions of each of the multiple individuals.

Following this train of thought, we can question what a merging is, when it is occurring, and what this means to our idea of individuality.

Five artists, who all have specific interest in the subjects of biology, environmental issues or science fiction, have been asked to write texts considering the idea of ‘the Hybrid’, and the potential expanse of individual objects.

At the event performer Phoebe Amis will do a reading of the texts that have been submitted in response to the theme.

The contributing artists are:

Brandon Cramm (US)
Hannah James (UK)
Francis McKee (IRE)
Joanna Monks (UK)
Scott Rogers (CA)

Additionally there will be a live demonstration of the Halo Harp.
The Halo Harp is a cross-beamed, laser based musical instrument produced in Glasgow, which has the capacity for recording, playing back and controlling sounds.

Physicist Giles Hammond will give an introduction to the harp.